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What is a Heated Driveway?

Cold in Canada during the winter can be freezing at around -5 and -15 degrees celsius. This temperature will be uncomfortable for you, but it can cause more trouble to your driveway by filling it with snow.

Installing a heated driveway is a simple but very effective solution to the dangers of winter to the driveways.

A heated driveway means you install tubes below the driveway to supply warm water, ensuring the driveway remains at average temperature during winter. Heated driveways have lots of benefits aside from just stopping snow and freezing.

The rest of this guide will cover the features of a heated driveway, their advantages, and others.

What is a Heated Driveway?

A heated driveway is a system beneath the ground that stops the freezing over its installed location. The working process of a heated driveway is similar to having a heated floor in your home.

There is a direct connection between the heated floor and your home’s heating system. Therefore, the heating system helps boil the water to the desired temperature in the tube.

Initially, you will need to manually activate the heated driveway system before you get the job done. That will require a lot of focus to determine when the floor is almost freezing.

However, one of the many advantages heated driveways have today is they work most times automatically. Sensors installed within the tube trigger the system to start working.

Also, the idea is not to get the floor very hot — all the system does is increase the temperature and prevent snow on the driveway.

There are two options you can choose from for your heated driveway;

Electric Heated Driveway

According to Family Handyman, the electrically heated driveway involves installing a heating mat and cables in a grid-like pattern beneath the floor. These mats get hot immediately after you power the system and heat the floor. Some of the advantages of this flooring type include the following;

  • Quick response time
  • High heat of over 200 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the setting
  • It is cheap and easy to install.
  • Requires little to no maintenance

Hydronic Heated Driveway

The heated hydronic driveway is a tube system installed beneath the floor. Inside this tube, you have anti-freeze water circulating all tubes. The central boiling system controls the circulation, ensuring uniform temperature all season long.

This type of heated driveway is more expensive than the heated option because of the tube cost. However, it has some advantages, some of which include the following;

  • Uniform heat. Unlike the electrical counterpart, this system doesn’t increase the heat dangerously.
  • It lasts very long, although it requires minor yearly maintenance.
  • It is also easy to install
  • It possesses zero risks of electrocution.

hydronic heated driveway

When to Install a Heated Driveway

You should never get confused about when to install a heated driveway in your home. Instead of contemplating, go ahead and install the system.

It would be best if you did not wait till winter before you get ahead with installing the heated driveway. Installing it when there is snow on the floor will be more stressful and, in the case of the electrical mats, more dangerous.

In Canada, winter usually starts in November, but it does not take shape until December, and the effects last till March of the following year. Any time between April and October is an excellent time to install heated driveway.

To ensure proper dryness of the floor before you install the system, you can choose between May and August. These months are the summer months in Canada and will give enough installation space.

Advantages of Heated Driveways

The popularity of heated driveways has been on the upward rise, as many Canadians understand its benefits. In 2015, heat driveways increased in sales by over 60%.

It is not easy to dig through the snow; now, adding the extreme weather conditions you will need to stay for the digging process makes matters worse.

Some of the advantages of heated driveways include the following;

Avoid Stress

The most apparent advantage you will get with the heated driveway system is the stress it saves. Snow in Canada can be a menace. In some areas, the total snowfall can reach 87 inches, while the least will still be over twenty inches.

Packing snow is usually challenging when you reside in a region with high or low snowfall. It will take a lot of time to pack the snow to use the driveway; in some cases, you will need to pack it again the next day.

If you hire companies that help you pack snow or use machines, you will be spending a lot of money, which you can save by installing a heated driveway.

Increase Home Value

A heated driveway will cost you between $7000 and $15000, depending on the driveway floor type, the type of heated driveway, and other factors. The cost of installing the driveway may seem high initially, but when you study some advantages, it is worth it.

Having a heated driveway increases the value of your home since it brings ease and requires little maintenance. Therefore, you will sell at a substantial value if you want to sell your home,

Preserving Driveway Quality

Whether your driveway is asphalt or concrete, water staying on the surface is not the best for its quality. Snow is water in a frozen solid form; hence having it in large quantities is not safe for the driveway.

Installing a heating system beneath the driveway stops snow from remaining at the surface and, most times, will keep the surface dry. Hence, it saves the driveway from damage.

driveway quality


As explained above, a heated driveway has more advantages than saving you the stress of cutting through the snow. It may have a high cost, but its benefits make it cost-effective. You may pay less and get an appropriately heated driveway if you get a suitable contractor.

At GTA Interlock, we clearly understand how both types of heated driveways work and have experience constructing them. So whether you want the most complex or straightforward driveway, it is not a challenge we cannot solve. Check out our installation services for heated driveways today!

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