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Creating an accent wall is one way of giving your house a remarkable interior design. Feature walls are excellent tools for transforming your home’s dull and plain spaces into decorative and attractive points. Just Sproute can help you transform your home using different shades, colors, materials, and designs. Our experts can even help you install these walls using materials from your existing walls.

Additionally, our feature walls give your home a unique, welcoming, and attractive feel. You may also invest in them to boost your home’s sale or resale value if you intend to sell it. Do you love to experiment with different patterns, textures, and colors? Don’t shy away from expressing your curiosity by installing designer feature walls. All these possibilities are yours for enjoyment without sentencing you to bankruptcy. Our products are affordable and designed to meet every homeowner’s purchasing power. We avail them in different materials because each material costs differently. So, go on and name the kind of material that suits your needs and budget.

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Benefits of Our Designer Feature Walls

So, how do our designer feature walls benefit your home? Here are solid reasons these walls are a worthy investment to make in your home.

They demarcate your interior spaces

Accent walls are perfect tools for demarcating your interior spaces. You can use them to separate a space into a living area and a dining room. These walls can mark out where your living room begins, and the dining wall ends.

They tie your decor together

You can also tie together your interior décor together using feature walls. Accent walls can unify a room with mismatched furniture. For instance, if your upholstery is mixed with timber pieces, an accent wall can bring everything together, as long as they’re done correctly. We recommend that you consult a color expert before starting this project. Their counsel can help you select appropriate shades to gel your diverse pieces together. 

Boost your interior ambiance

Just Sproute’s accent walls can also make your home feel good and welcoming. Remember, your visitors don’t just need a home that looks great but also feels homely. So, create that feeling by installing feature walls that make your interior ambiance more welcoming and pleasant. 

This kind of feeling is a perfect focal point for starting healthy conversations. Don’t forget that a welcoming design can positively affect your moods that those of your guests.

A better tool for self-expression 

Our accent walls are also another perfect tool for enhancing your self-expression. In collaboration with our interior designers, you can inject your personality and taste into your home. Do you love artistic expressions in a given style and fashion? Then installing feature walls is one great way of expressing all that. So, go ahead and let your home ooze with what you are made of and like.

Explore your creativity 

Installing a wood feature wall is one way of bringing out your artistic genius. You can team up with our team to develop different contemporary and conventional styles. Your artistic designs, décor types, and colors are just a few ways of bringing art into your living spaces.

They add the illusion of depths

Do you want to add the illusion of depth to your home’s walls? You can do it through our various accent wall options. These walls are excellent for small spaces. You can paint them with attractive colors to add the illusion there is much depth. 

Using softer colors in sun-soaked spaces soothes the eyes. Inversely, colors with a darker tone conveniently highlight a larger sense of space. Additionally, these walls are suitable for any room in your home. Go ahead and install them in your dining rooms, bedrooms, and anywhere in your home.

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Types of Accent Walls 

We believe in diversity. That’s why we offer our designer feature walls in different forms. Here are some of the options you can choose from to enrich your home’s esthetics.

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Wall Stickers

Our wall stickers are popular picks for Toronto homeowners. They are a simple and affordable option for creating accent walls for bedrooms. 

Wall Murals

Do you want to blend your bedroom’s theme? Then wall murals are an excellent way of doing it. Wall murals are perfect for your kids’ or teens’ bedrooms. 

Wood Paneling

You can also enjoy our feature walls in the form of decorative wood paneling. This feature wall alternative is excellent for your bedroom and guest bedrooms.

Interior Wall Paint

Interior wall paint is another elegant alternative to creating a safe and wooing accent in your bedroom. It comes in different bold and vivid colors. This alternative also gives you many concepts and options to include in your interior design. 

Texture Wall Paint

Add a new sense of personality and depth to your bedroom using decorative paint or textured finish to your walls.

Why Property Owners Love Our Accent Wood Feature Wall?

Homeowners in Toronto love us for many reasons. Here are the little secrets that make them prefer us to our competitors.

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We work with you

Interlock GTA doesn’t just work for you, no. We work with you because we want you to own the process and the finished product. We allow you to give us your ideas before we start installing your feature walls. After all, you, and not us, will enjoy the walls of your home. That’s why your voice matters.

Transparent billing

We operate with the “what you see is what you pay” policy. You will always enjoy transparent billing based on what we agreed upon before project commencement. Say no to surprise and hidden costs.

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We have a team of experienced and certified interior designers. Remember, only quality workers can produce quality work.

Lastly, we deliver excellent results when you need them. We neither rush through projects to beat deadlines nor deliver perfect work just in time.

Install Your Designer Feature Walls Today

Thousands of homeowners around the country have installed designer feature walls to enhance their home’s esthetics and value. What are you waiting for? Call Just Sproute today and get in the vogue.

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