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Heated Driveway Toronto

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How do you like waking up early every morning to shovel your driveway during the chilling winter? Every financially capable homeowner would definitely want to avoid this kind of daily early morning punishment at all costs. As punishing as it sounds, thousands of Canadians still do all this tiresome driveway-clearing job. Fortunately, you can rewrite your winter history by embracing modern heated driveway solutions. The solution isn’t far from you. Just Sproute is here to help you fix a heated driveway Toronto. You will always wake up looking forward to driving to work every morning.

You can benefit from our heated driveway systems in different forms that best suit your heating needs. For example, we offer them in the form of heated driveway cables or mats. We can embed the cables directly in your various pavers like mortar, asphalt, and concrete. Our complete driveway systems also have additional features like relay panels or identification plaques that show the mats’ location. Additionally, you may enjoy our heating solutions in your commercial or residential premises. You only need to talk to us about your personal preferences and needs. Tell us about your preferred shape and size, and our team will be there to install the heaters. Beat the winter chills by talking to our team today about your driveway heating needs.

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How Our Heated Driveway Solutions Work

Our driveway heating products aren’t rocket science a few chosen tech geeks can understand. A driveway system is a radiant heat flooring system we install for indoor or outdoor applications. Those living in snowy regions should opt for a radiant floor system. The reason is that the system melts away the snow that collects on the driveway when temperatures fall. It melts the snow by pumping antifreeze and heated waters into its tubing. 

Further, you mustn’t install your entire driveway before heating it because you can place the heating system under the existing one. However, several factors determine this decision, including:

  • The nearby vegetations’ closeness 
  • The season of the year

However, we strongly recommend replacing the entire driveway is the best option because it allows for correct heating system installation.

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Benefits of Heated Driveways

So, how does your business premise or home benefit from our heated driveway systems? Here are the leading reasons to install our systems today.

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A long-term investment

All snow removal services are costly and keep increasing with time. Averagely, you have to spend between $25 and $75 hourly to clear your driveway. Fortunately, our systems save you all these costs. 

Additionally, installing a heated driveway in Toronto increases your home’s sale or resale value. Just ensure that the system is functioning correctly.

No more risky manual removals

Shoveling snow from your driveway is a risky venture you should avoid when possible. You and your precious family could sustain severe injuries from slip-and-fall accidents. Injuries these accidents can cause include back joint, muscle, head, and bone injuries.

It’s eco-friendly

Maintaining an eco-friendly home is every homeowner’s duty. Many traditional ice-melting rock salt and chemicals adversely affect the environment. They can kill nearby plants and damage your vehicle’s undercarriage. The melting salts get into a pavement’s asphalt or concrete cracks, sucking in water. This water will eventually freeze during winter and damage your pavements.

Enjoy peace of mind

You don’t want to lose your peace of mind fighting avoidable and costly court battles. However, you could find yourself fighting negligence court battles if your visitors slip and sustain injuries on your driveway. Fortunately, installing a driveway heating system saves you all these potential legal problems.

Our Heated Driveway Cost Toronto

So, how much does it cost to benefit from our driveway heaters in Toronto? Averagely, a heating system costs between $12 and $21 per square foot. An average radiant system installation cost is $3,892, the lowest $1,300, and the highest $7,500. 

However, these rates aren’t cast in stone. You are always free to talk to us to bill you according to your specific project. If these rates go beyond your project’s estimated costs, always do the following:

build road

When replacing your old driveway 

Alternatively, you might replace your current driveway system if it’s too old to repair. To save on the heated driveway cost Toronto, do some replacement work yourself. A homeowner with a “handy” instinct can borrow or rent a sledgehammer and a jackhammer. These tools help remove the driveway and allow the experts to do the remaining more complex part of removing the old cables. But if you lack the time or skills, just leave everything to the contractor.

Get estimates from experts

Take this step because these costs are mere averages. They don’t factor in the immediate material price falls or rises. They may not also capture the varying cost of living across the country. Your chosen home improvement contractor will definitely give you the exact heated driveway cost in Toronto.

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Our Heated Driveway Toronto Options

Just Sproute’s heated driveway solutions in Toronto are diverse. We have them in cable or mat formats for installation in concrete and asphalt. Our mats have a 50-watt heating capacity per square foot. They are also easy and fast to install. You may also opt for our flexible cables, which generate 12 watts per linear foot. 

Overall, our heating systems have various controls. They also have different features for sensing pavement temperatures and moisture.

So, do you want to install them under your deck, patio, or sidewalk? Yes, you may install them in any of these spots in your home. Remember, most driveway heaters automatically activate themselves when snow rains. This way, you never worry about driving into a snowball when you return home after a warm holiday in Africa.

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Heat Your Driveway Today

A heated driveway is no longer a luxury in a modern home if you have the funds to heat it. We don’t want you to lag thousands of other property owners in and around Toronto. Give us a call today to discuss how we will work on your heated driveway project. 

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