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Interlocking Toronto

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Interlock GTA

First impressions always last the longest and become last impressions. As a homeowner, you want people to get the best impression of you and your home from their first sight. However, it’s impossible to achieve this goal without addressing your home’s curb appeal.

You may do a few interlocking DIY projects to make your yard look appealing. But working with a seasoned landscaping company like Interlock GTA is the best option. Our landscaping solutions in Toronto range from interlock driveway to retaining walls.

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We’re Here to Help

So, are you looking for low-maintenance commercial or domestic landscaping solutions? Interlock GTA is here to help you whichever way you need help. Don’t shy away from engaging professional services to modify your home to make it more appealing. We’re also willing to assist you in modifying your property to make it sell more should you want to dispose of it.

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Quality Assured

You rest assured that you will get the best swimming pool and backyard interlock services from experienced landscapers. Our skilled carpenters, landscape designers, and stonemasons combine to build a team that always delivers on your dreams.

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Here Are Our Little Secrets


Years of

What are our little secrets to success? Interlock GTA is a listening partner who understands your needs before implementing any patio or walkway project. Our team seeks to understand your.

landscaping goals, budgetary ceilings, and taste. This way, we pay attention to your project’s minutest details to meet your highest expectations and fully satisfy you.

interlocking bricks canada
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We Guarantee Satisfaction, One Customer at a Time

Additionally, we accept a manageable number of interlocks such as backyard interlock or patio projects at a time to pay close attention to your project in Ontario. Therefore, we assign the right mix of landscaping talent that focuses on your paving project without rushing and compromising it.

Go ahead and talk to us about your next landscaping project in and around Toronto. We are able and available to deliver timely and satisfactory interlock and paving results that make your home your neighborhood’s attraction point.

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Our Landscaping Services in Toronto

Our landscaping services in Toronto speak for themselves. Here are the top landscaping solutions you can benefit from and give your backyard a deserved facelift.

Permeable Pavers

Traditional concrete and asphalt pavement solutions our fathers used aren’t the best option anymore. Their regular maintenance requirements are time-consuming and costly for homeowners. You need to keep resealing the solid surfaces and repainting parking lines. Besides, you must keep filling cracks and fixing potholes. Worse still, asphalt driveways have a shorter lifespan that makes routine maintenance and repairs useless; thus, necessitating complete rehabilitation and redoing.

Fortunately, we have a better alternative that puts wide smiles on our clients’ faces. Our permeable interlock pavers are affordable initially and in the long term. Additionally, Canadian winters don’t affect this eco-friendly alternative.

Our sustainable interlock pavers significantly minimize the pressure on the overloaded sewerage system. They also reduce environmental solutions by offering homeowners an eco-friendly way of handling snow runoff and rainwater during harsh winters.

This alternative stops rainwater and snow from running into local drains, carrying pollutants. Inversely, interlock pavers let water seep between the pavers down to the soil and the water table. Depending on your chosen system, you can also capture the water and slowly release it into the drainage system.

Do you want to be a part of this “green” and affordable revolution? Go ahead and call us today to join thousands of other happy owners benefiting from it.

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retaining walls

Retaining Walls

Do you own an uneven site and don’t know how to strengthen its slopes to prevent possible soil collapse? You can bank on our brick or stone retaining wall solutions to do it successfully and affordably. Our team can help you construct these walls and give you what you didn’t ask for: a beautifully landscaped backyard.

What does this esthetic advantage mean for you? It can increase your home’s curb appeal and boost its sale value if you decide to sell it in the future.

Further, you may use our services to divide the sloppy area into zones and decorate them using different materials. Retaining walls have these benefits for your compound:

  • Greater aesthetic appeal that makes your visitors want to stay in your compound longer
  • Better overall use of space if your home sits on a smaller piece of land
  • Prevent soil erosion or shifting, protecting your family from possible dangers like rockfalls and mudslides
  • More resourceful and ingenious use of sloped terrain

Building retaining walls also has financial and cost-saving benefits. Here are the leading ones.

  • An increased property value that could fetch you a higher selling price, giving you a long-term return on your investment
  • Durability due to their weather-resistance capabilities; thus, limiting or reducing maintenance costs
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Feature Walls

Opting for our feature or accent wall solutions is a great choice for enjoying perfect interior design. Our walls can transform your house’s dull and plain spaces into masterpieces of attraction for your visitors. You may enjoy them in various shades, colors, patterns, and materials. Depending on your preference, you can get these walls in stone, wood, or MDF material.

This way, you give your home a unique, attractive look and feel that makes it cozier for everyone. Besides, our decorative walls are a long-term investment you make in your home. Yes, they make your house more attractive and increase its sale or resale value if you choose to sell it later.

Working with our team in this area is fascinating. We offer you different design ideas and even welcome yours on the table to design a feature wall you fully own. Our inclusive approach ensures that you get the best you deserve from your final product.

What if you aren’t sure of how to go about it? Well, we are here to guide you to give you the best. Don’t be shy to ask us all the questions you have to ensure that you understand everything before we start your project.

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Swimming Pools

We believe that water is life. It also symbolizes reflection and renewal. It’s no wonder our fathers have engaged themselves in hydrotherapy for many centuries. So, don’t you think it’s a great idea to get your swimming pool to help you harness your thoughts while relaxing and reducing stress? Of course, it is.

Getting your customized swimming pool is a healthy way of strengthening family bonds and connections with nature. A swimming pool is an excellent way of complementing your backyard’s space and its surrounding lush garden. It brings the deep ocean dives you always fantasized about within reach, thanks to your swimming pool installation services. We are ready to take on your swimming pool project irrespective of its primary purpose.

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Add A Sense of Luxury

Adding a swimming pool to your home also adds a sense and touch of luxury. You don’t want to live in a compound where everything is the realm of the ordinary, do you? Our swimming pool installation also brings some sophistication to your outside living space to pamper yourself, your family, and your guests. Don’t forget that you aren’t just spending on this project; you are also investing long-term. You will definitely fetch a higher price for your home if you opt to sell it.

Why Choose Interlock GTA?

Our customers in Richmond Hill and the larger Toronto prefer our services for various reasons. Here are the top reasons Toronto residents choose us at our competitors’ expense.

Certified Horticulturists

We have certified horticulturists dedicated to beautifying your garden’s herbs and plants to give your home a lush, fresh look.

We’re risk-free

Yes, we are risk-free because we are insured. We value our worker’s safety and your peace of mind. Therefore, your next interlocking driveway or retaining wall project will be peaceful should anything go wrong.

Professional and friendly staff

We have friendly and professional landscaping experts. You rest sure you will be dealing with people who abide by moral and social rules.

Timely delivery

We always deliver on time. You don’t need to worry about delayed deliverables because our team beats all deadlines without compromising your interlocking project’s quality.

No hidden costs

Yes, you only pay what you see on the bill. Our team provides a free quote for every project and discusses with you every cost implication. We only start working on driveways and other interlock projects after agreeing on the pricing based on your budgetary limits. You won’t suffer last-minute surprises we didn’t initially agree on.