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Retaining Walls Toronto

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Do you live on a sloped terrain that seems to inconvenience your home’s beauty? You don’t need to worry if a sloppy landscape interferes with your outdoor living areas.

In fact, you can use that hilly landscape to beautify your outdoor living space. You can bank on our stone retaining wall expert landscapers to turn what initially inconvenienced you into a stunning attraction point.

At Just Sproute, our landscaping experts can give you valuable retaining wall ideas to help you build terraced hillsides and raise garden beds.

Moreover, our retaining walls Toronto come in various styles and colors. You only need to contact us about the style or color that best suits your personal landscaping needs and preferences.

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About Our Retaining Walls

Further, our sophisticated retaining wall ideas and solutions make your outdoor space more inviting to your visitors. You may also use these retaining wall blocks to add a unique visual sense of permanence to your property.

These walls are excellent tools for stabilizing your home’s landscape with soil reinforcement. They also redefine your property’s overall value and curb appeal which could fetch you more money if you opt to sell it.

You rest assured that their protecting power against excessive pressure will save your family from possible injurious landslides and rockfalls.

So, are you ready to start the journey to enhance your home’s curb appeal? Don’t hesitate to call us today to discuss your next project’s design, height, and preferred installation materials you want to use.

We are listening and ready to act once we put our heads together.

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Retaining Wall Products

A perfect retaining wall made of natural stone

Many ingredients constitute a perfect locking flange. Thus, we have a team of skilled and experienced landscapers who implement your project to the last detail.

We also believe that the terrace materials they use to build your next garden retaining wall significantly matter.

Using the right installation material quality will significantly determine your wall’s overall durability, quality, and stability.

That’s why we offer you different types of building materials you can choose from for your next work. Here are some of the leading retaining wall stones you may select.

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Our fieldstone option offers you the raw beauty of natural stone with various colors and textures. It can fit various styles and looks.


This rich collection is perfect for property owners seeking to erect distinguished garden walls. It has a unique texture that creates a captivating look that elevates your landscape’s aesthetic value.


These blocks are perfect for property owners seeking to erect retaining walls with a timber-like appearance. But unlike timber, these backyard walls don’t decay, warp, or demand costly maintenance.


This contemporary retaining wall material has a double-sided texture. It’s perfect for building outdoor fountains and free-standing walls.

Travertine Raw

These deluxe wall blocks are ideal for property owners planning to install retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, and seat benches.


Do you want to create a meandering, curved, or straight concrete retaining wall? Then you can use this product to do so and come up with an attractive retaining wall. You may utilize this stone to build raised planters, gravity retaining, and free-standing walls. The product is also perfect for creating terraced gardens.

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CypressStone is flexible in its design, making it a preferred wall construction stone among homeowners. It’s ideal for use when you need to increase your home’s amount of usable space to build terraces and patios.

This stone is easy to incorporate and doesn’t need much maintenance, making it a cost-effective choice. You can use it to construct a curved or straight wall.

It’s also perfect for building a retaining wall with steps. This stone can construct a gravity wall of up to 4 feet high or a reinforced wall measuring 26 feet tall.

Lafitt Tandem Wall Blocks

This wall material is versatile in its application. You may use it for installing your next retaining wall and even the outdoor kitchen. You may get it in five attractive colors. Its variable height makes it ideal for different linear and modular installations.

Additionally, its chiseled surface that resembles a Lafitt masonry stone gives it an attractive natural look. You can use it to give your backyard a rustic and antique outlook.

You can also construct your next retaining wall using this stone. It’s perfect for property owners who want a clean appearance that focuses on functionality more than aesthetics.

This retaining wall block is an excellent choice for all homeowners. You can use it to erect stairways and retaining walls that embellish your outdoor living spaces.

It’s versatile in its use in various backyard and garden projects. You may also utilize this stone to construct planters, steps, and terraced gardens. The stone also comes in multiple shapes like tapered sides, straight sides, flat faces, and radius.

Urbano is another fantastic choice with an ultra-modern look. It’s highly refined and has elongated formats plus several lengths.

Its module’s integrated colors give it a high-quality outlay. You may use the product to construct any landscaping works like retaining walls, fireplaces, and flowerbeds.


This product is best suited and engineered for our commercial yard customers. It’s perfect for constructing retaining walls for large commercial installations. The product is also suitable for public works.

This building stone offers homeowners a granite look due to its exposed aggregates within it. It’s suitable for various backside landscaping designs.

This construction product is ideal for use in gravity retaining walls. It also serves well in mechanically stabilized soil retaining systems.

Its use in retaining wall building can be low, lightly loaded residential retaining walls, commercial, and high industrial walls. Its strength makes it suitable for all retaining wall sizes and heights in your yard.

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A perfect natural stone wall block

As you can see, our retaining wall services perfectly mix every ingredient necessary for giving your home or business a deserved look. We perfectly blend our landscaping experts’ expertise and experience to ensure that every retaining wall project runs as per plan.

Our team pays attention to building bricks to ensure that you get the best value for your money and time. What are you waiting for? Call us today and we’ll plan for your next retaining wall job to protect and beautify your home.

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