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Permeable Pavers

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Are you struggling to contain rain and stormwater in your home with no solution in sight? Do you spend thousands of dollars maintaining traditional concrete pavements? Don’t worry if you do because help has arrived in the form of PICPs (permeable interlocking concrete pavement). Just Sproute is here to help resolve these stormwater management problems homeowners have faced for generations. 

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More About Our Service

We use reputable permeable paving products that guarantee high-performance and sustainable paving results. These construction materials are excellent for commercial and residential property owners. You can use them to pave your driveways, walkways, and parking bays.

With our permeable pavement services, you can resolve all runoff water challenges, safeguard water quality, and protect against pollutant infiltration. Our “green” paving solutions provide stabilization and allow rain or stormwater to soak directly into the ground. Because the water ends in the water table, these pavements don’t overload the already burdened drainage system.

It’s no wonder many municipalities across Canada are mandating permeable pavements. The need is so urgent that these local authorities incentivize property owners by offering them tax breaks. They also provide grants for installing environment-friendly pavers.

Just Sproute is also following the trends by ditching the traditional pavements. We want you to enter the exciting world of permeable pavers and enjoy its many benefits. Our paving experts are here to give you that enviable and eye-catching outdoor space that distinguishes your home and driveway. Permeable pavers also improve your home’s outdoor environment and surface, beautifying it more.

Cost-Effective Solution

Our cost-effective solution is ingenious and simple. Our experts lay pavers on several crushed stone layers then fill the joints between pavers with small aggregates. The simple permeable paver design allows instant water drainage back into the water cycle to improve water quality.

You can use permeable pavers for any sustainable home project. Snow removal pavers are suitable for eco-friendly because they have higher infiltration rates. If you have a farm or garden, we can still adjust the system to collect and recycle rainwater for irrigation and other home uses.

So, do you seek to move to the “green” side of storm drains? Talk to Just Sproute about your stormwater runoff needs. We are available to help you keep in tandem with this revolutionary trend. Today is the best time to switch from impervious surfaces to sustainable crushed stone paving.

Our Permeable Paving Construction Materials

Interlocking blocks: One of the best materials for permeable pavers

Several components blend to perfect our permeable paving efforts. We have experienced and professional pavers on our team. However, their many years of experience and expertise won’t give you excellent results if they use mediocre products.

Therefore, we pay special attention to the quality of paving materials we use. Here are the leading products from reputable paver manufacturers suitable for different paving needs for home and commercial use.

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Eco-Priora Permeable Pavers

This patented interlocking product provides excellent structural functionality to your pavements. It’s ideal for use in heavy motor vehicle traffic. You can also use this paver for pedestrian projects. 


Antika is another favorite paver for environment-friendly patio and driveway construction.

Blu 60 Slate

This favorite product comes in different sizes. It’s perfect for constructing backyard walkways and pool decks.


Pure is a perfect choice for constructing a permeable driveway or backyard.


This high-textured paving stone is a perfect product for property owners seeking to mix traditional clay brick appeal with permeable paving.

Uni Ecoloc® Pavers

This permeable paver is ideal for heavy-duty use. It’s also excellent for reducing stormwater runoff in industrial and commercial settings. The material supports heavy vehicle use without losing its durability. Its unique patented design creates drainage openings in pavement surfaces to allow free groundwater removal from your driveway.

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Eco-Priora Permeable Pavers

Are you looking to blend beauty and functionality in your next paving project? Then this construction material is one of the best we can use to create that result. It’s highly durable and diverse in application. It can suit high-traffic needs like patio, parking lot, driveway, and walkway construction.

Using these pavers also adds value to your home and conserves the environment through low impact development. These pavers also have various installation patterns.

Permeable Holland Herringbone

This favorite asphalt alternative is ideal for mechanical installation. Its interlocking nature allows for stable structural functionality. You can use it to install a driveway with heavy vehicle traffic.

These pavers are also suitable for building pedestrian pavements. The products may also apply to pedestrian plaza pavement, commercial pavements, and parking lot pavement.

This paving choice is diversely unique. First, it allows you to grow natural grass between individual stones. This way, you can maintain your yard’s green and fresh appeal even after flooding. Additionally, it aids erosion control. You are free to use it for:

  • Permeable paved driveway installation
  • Erosion control
  • Line ditches
  • Overflow or marginal parking lot paving
  • Paving shoulders along with airfields and highways
  • Paving crossovers on medians
  • Constructing pavements for boat, ATV, and RV parking bays
  • Paving emergency fire lanes

Are you looking for a more innovative way of replacing asphalt? Then these pavers are your perfect choice for various commercial and residential installations. Their advanced permeability makes it ideal for paving patios, parking lots, and driveways. The pavers also support RV, truck, and car weight.

Do you value tradition without losing touch with modern driveway paving trends? Then this traditional highly-textured square cobblestone is an excellent choice for building environment-friendly driveways.

Mista is ideal for paving multi-size patios and driveways.

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Start Constructing Your Permeable Pavers Today

Natural stone is one of our best materials for stormwater pavers

You now see how our landscaping experts can keep you in tandem with the sustainable paving trends homeowners are embracing. Do you want to lag behind your neighbours who have embraced this cost-effective and environmentally friendly pavers? Definitely, you don’t deserve to be a laggard.

So, do yourself, your family, and your visitors a favor by joining the permeable paving revolution. We have everything it takes to get you on board: the will, technology, expertise, and best paving products. Contact Just Sproute, your preferred contractor, today to start your next patio or driveway project. 

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